Friday, November 2, 2012

Brown Bitty Pants

These pants were an experiment, which (hopefully) explains the strange color. I wanted to try out a pattern designed as leggings for AG dolls, but I didn't want them to be "skinny jeans".

I used the free pattern Chinese Woollies and made the following modifications:

  • I didn’t do any of the leg decreases after the gusset.
  • I knit the legs to 5” (inner leg measurement), then did a purl row and 6 more stockinette rows to be hand-sewn down afterward. This creates a more traditional-looking pants hem, instead of it hugging the ankle with ribbing.
I like the fit, so I'll probably be making more in the future.


Shoregirl said...

You're amazing when it comes to knitting! R----- is one lucky little girl to have a mommy who makes her so many wonderful outfits for her babies!