Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Socks for My Son

My son has watched me knit socks for charity and myself quite a bit lately and finally asked for his own pair. Who can resist an almost-9-year-old boy that asks for handknit socks?? I decided to make him a pair for his stocking at Christmas.

He doesn’t like the traditional store-bought white socks because he says they aren’t tight enough around his legs, so I made these in 2x2 ribbing to ensure that they hug his leg well.

He specifically requested red and blue socks, but this was the closest I could find locally. In the store, the grey looked almost bluish, but it doesn’t so much now that the socks are finished.

I didn't follow a particular pattern, just basic sock construction for his size leg and foot. In case this helps anyone else, here are the specifics ...

This sock was designed with:
  • 5" cuff/leg 
  • 7" foot circumference at the widest point,
  • 7" long foot
I used Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades yarn (4-ply, colorway #55048) with size 3 double-pointed needles, working top-cuff-down.

CO 48 sts.

K2P2 ribbing for 5”.

Make heel. (I used Fleegle’s heel for the first time.)

Continue ribbing on sock top, stockinette on bottom until sock measures 6” from the back of the heel.

Decrease for toes (decrease 1 row, knit the next for 10 rows total, then decrease each row for 4 more rows).

Graft ends using kitchener stitch.


Shoregirl said...

Another "Job Well Done!"