Wednesday, November 14, 2012

La Newborn Layette Set

I just realized that, although my daughter got this doll for her birthday last month, I never shared the clothes I made for it.

We got her the 14” La Newborn doll (Wal-Mart/Berenguer/La Baby) from Wal-Mart. There's a story behind this doll. You see, I had seen a little girl carrying one around in Wal-Mart while I was shopping by myself one day. I wanted so badly to ask her where she got the doll, but I don't like strangers talking to my kids, so I wouldn't do it to someone else's. A week or so later, I walked through the toy department looking for something else and found this doll. I was so excited!

I can't say enough good things about this doll. She is so realistically newborn that I would want to buy one even if I didn't have a daughter! If I end up senile as an old woman, I hope my daughter still has this doll so I can have an excuse to carry it around with me everywhere. :)

The only downside to the doll is that she's a bit hard to dress. She's all  curled up, just like a real newborn. I did find the trick, though - you have to rotate one of her arms behind her head to get this sweater on. I would never, ever do that with a real baby, but you do what you have to with dolls, right?

I used a gorgeous free pattern from a very talented lady: Premature Baby Cardigan, Hat and Bootees Set by Claire Topping. If you knit and have a daughter with dolls, you owe it to yourself to visit her site: Baby & Doll Handknit Designs. You'll want to make everything on the site. You've been warned!

I made this in the 3-5 lb size. I hate seaming, so I made the sweater and hat seamless. It took a bit of thought, charting, and rewriting instructions, but it was totally worth it.


Shoregirl said...

Such a cute set -- and as usual you did a great job improvising (by making it seamless) and making the pattern work for you! It looks so sweet on the new doll!