Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Gifts Preview: Day One

If you need some inexpensive gift or packaging ideas for Christmas this year, I hope my next few posts will help you out! I also hope that none of my husband's family members read my blog ... :)

We picked up this little purse at a thrift store since it was bag day (everything you can fit in a bag for $2) and "A" is the first letter of our 11-year-old niece's first name. Since it was used, I didn't want it to be the gift. But it made a great gift bag for the rest of the gift - a ruffle scarf, two hand sanitizers, and a sanitizer holder.


Shoregirl said...

(As you know) I love gifts like this where the packaging is a fun part of the gift! I have 3 made up for 3 nieces this year --- so fun to fill w/lots of goodies!!!!
Your gift looks so fun and pretty --- I'm sure your niece will LOVE it!