Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dollar Tree find!

While I was picking up the last few gift-wrapping supplies at Dollar Tree on Monday, I ran across these Hot Wheels customizable license plates:

I suspected $1 was a fantastic price for these, so I snatched up enough for all the boys on my list who get birthday and/or Christmas gifts. I was right, since I looked them up on Amazon and saw that they are going for $4.99 and up.

You get two license plates in each package, as well as a sheet of reusable letters and numbers. This would be perfect for kids with unique names or spellings who never seem to find their names on the pre-printed license plates they sell.

I'm giving my kids a set as a Christmas countdown gift, so I'll let you know if we have any difficulty with the letters.

I can't guarantee that your store will have them, but it's worth a look the next time you're in the store!

P.S. Now that my kids have opened them, I noticed that they're plastic. It's not a dealbreaker with me (nor is it a surprise), but I realized that some of you may be expecting metal. Also, they are stamped on the back of the plate with the Dollar Tree information, so they may end up being a regular item, at least for awhile. Who knows? My kids loved them and customized their own within ten minutes.


Shoregirl said...

Looks like a fun prize ---