Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pink Princess Shawl

When my daughter saw a red shawl I had knitted for myself (no pictures yet - give me some time for my foot to heal), she told me that she wants a shawl, but hers has to be pink.

Since 7-year-old girls (especially mine) are prone to accidental spills and such, I made hers out of acrylic (mine was a wool/llama blend). And since I happen to have a ton of worsted-weight pink acrylic on hand, that’s what I used.

I worked from the cast on the whole way to the edging in one day. (I knit most of the day since it was a day off.) I was surprised to find that it used almost all of my pink yarn. Yay for stashbusting! I needed to buy some white yarn to finish the project, so it sat for a few days until I could get out to buy some white yarn for the edging.

I think I'll be giving her this for Christmas. If you're interested in knitting a cute child-sized shawl, this pattern is called Princess by Angela Tong, and it's a free one.


Shoregirl said...

Cute shawl and thanks for the link to the pattern -- It's now saved on my Ravelry account for future use!