Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Christmas Child 2013 #4

I just came across these pictures on my computer and realized that I had never shared them. So here's the next installment in my quest to fill Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this Christmas ...

A friend and I stopped in at Rite Aid the day they marked their Christmas items down to 75% off. All of these hair accessories were $0.25/package.

... And these ...

... And the ones at the bottom here. The headbands on top were from Michaels. I caught their clearance at 80% off, making these just $0.20 each. I took all that was left at that price. :)

Here are some more Rite Aid $0.25 items - puzzles and a Lego-style building set.

All of these were only $0.25 each - pencils, erasers, Winnie the Pooh figurines, and lacing/beading sets.

These flashlight sets were only $0.50 each! I'm sending a pack of batteries with each of these.

I know these aren't Hot Wheels or Matchbox brand, but I was able to pick these up for $0.50/box. I figured boys would enjoy cars, even if I got 12 for the regular price of 1. :)

Lastly, here are a few 75%-off items from Wal-Mart: plastic slinkies and shaped soaps.

I enjoy clearance shopping! I'm sure you would have never guessed. :)


angie said...

How many shoeboxes do you plan to fill? Impressive finds!

Christa said...

At this point, I'm not sure how many we'll get to fill. I'll be sponsoring several from my Etsy shop money, my kids will each sponsor a box, and we'll probably do a few as a family. We plan to save up through the year because we're not independently wealthy. :)

There is also a local Christian school that sponsors boxes, so we'll check with them, too, when the time rolls around.