Monday, February 4, 2013

Puppy Hats for Charity

I was thrilled to discover this adorable hat pattern since my recent haul of yarn from the thrift store contained a lot of browns. This was my first one. For the next one, I decided not to use such a dark yarn for the eye “patch”. It makes it harder to see the eye on top of it.

Instead of using buttons, I crocheted the entire eye:

Row 1: With white, Magic Loop, ch 1, sc 8 into magic loop.
Row 2: Change to black, ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around.

After looking at these two hats, I realized what looked wrong about the ears. They look like donkey ears because I started anchoring them at Row 3, but I made them go across several rows instead of straight across Row 3 so that they flop downward to the sides. You can avoid my mistake. :)

You'll probably want this pattern, too. It's another free one from Ravelry: Crochet Puppy Hat Pattern by Sarah Zimmerman.


Shoregirl said...

You're depleting your yarn stash - slowly but surely! Cute hats!