Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No-Fuss Shade-Loving Shawl

A friend of mine (a fellow pastor's wife) recently went through a second cancer surgery. I made this shawl as a prayer shawl and mailed it just in time to arrive the day before her surgery.

The colors are more true-to-life in the next two pictures, but here you can get an overall idea of what it looks like.

I'm wearing it in these pictures, but you get the idea. I chose coordinating colors from the thrift store haul my husband found awhile back ($5 for three large garbage bags full of yarn).

Burnt orange isn't my usual color to work with, but I discovered that it was quite pretty when I chose a monochromatic color scheme.

This shawl was super-easy and super-fast. I nearly finished it in one day. You can find the pattern for free on Ravelry: No-Fuss Shade-Loving Shawl by Susan Ashcroft.


Shoregirl said...

Your speed in accomplishing projects amazes me! You're right - pairing the burnt orange w/monochromatic colors gives it a whole new looks! Great job!