Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brioche Loves Variegated Yarn

Funny post title, isn't it? Well, you'd agree with me if you'd see these dishcloths in person:

I have always loved variegated yarn in skein form, but I've never cared for it worked up into projects. It always seems to pool in a really ugly way that doesn't do justice to the pretty colors that were carefully selected to go together.

Yesterday I decided to learn a new stitch I've been wanting to learn for awhile now - brioche. The (free) Prime Rib Dishcloth or Scarf pattern by Sara Baldwin is billed as the easiest, clearest tutorial, so I gave it a shot ... and I'm hooked. 

Here are the things I love most about it:
  • it lays flat,
  • doesn’t need a border,
  • looks great from both sides (exactly the same, actually),
  • is a mindless knit once you've done a few rows,
  • and goes quickly.
I think my absolute favorite thing, though, is how the variegated yarns look done up in it. They actually look pretty and blend the colors nicely.

Each of these took about the same amount of yarn - 1.2 ozs (35 g).

Here's the one I'm finishing up tonight:

It's a pretty bold mixture of colors, but I really like how it's turning out in this stitch.

I'm grabbing all the variegated dishcloth cotton I've had sitting here for ages, and I'm going to knit them all in this pattern.


jemilyea said...

These do look really good. I might have to try it. I still have quite a bit of Dollar Tree cotton yarn left.

JaganshiKenshin said...

VERY pretty! I have the same dilemma with variegated yarn. Must try!