Monday, June 10, 2013

Camp Doll Diaries 2013: Doll Toothbrushes

Paige is so happy with her new toothbrush!

Thanks to Doll It Up for cluing me in to these perfectly-sized, perfectly-styled mini toothbrushes at Dollar Tree.

You definitely want to find these at the dollar store. The off-brand ones are way cuter and more realistic-looking than the name-brand ones (Wisp, I think).

Alex is thrilled that this accessory comes in a boy color! (If you're wondering, he's borrowing the camo pajamas from the Bitty Twins until I get to make him some of his own.)

These mini toothbrushes come four to a pack, so there's plenty to go around. You can't beat the price for doll accessories, either!


Shoregirl said...

You've discovered ALL KINDS of fun things for the dolls!!! I think I'm beginning to see why adults play with AG dolls! :)

jelly andrews said...

This is the first time I heard about toothbrush for dolls. I never thought it is included in doll accessories. But I like this idea. It makes dolls seemed real.