Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun Find: A Flashlight for Alex!

I was out shopping last week when I came upon a really fun find - a flashlight for Alex!

I read somewhere to check keychains because they are often the right scale for 18" dolls, so when I saw these mini flashlights on carabiner clips (Target Dollar Spot for just $1), I knew I had a winner. Before I bought it, though, I made sure that I could get it off the carabiner clip. It slid right off, no tools required.

The clear thing you see in the picture is the clear hairband that I used to help him hold it.

Of course, Alex (and his owner) was especially thrilled that it's a real, working flashlight!

I've found a few fun things for the dolls lately, but I'm being very picky about what I actually buy. I just finished decluttering and reorganizing their bedrooms, so I don't want to go overboard with doll things and end up back where we started.

While it might not have much practical use, I knew my son would love his doll having a real, honest-to-goodness flashlight that works. Boy accessories are a bit harder to come by, so I decided to buy this one.


Shoregirl said...

CUTE! Isn't it fun finding miniature things for the dolls to use!
M------ is on a doll house kick, so I've been making tiny things too -- for doll house people instead of AG!