Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alex's Dress-Up Clothes

Here are Alex's new dress clothes. The poor boy had only jeans and t-shirts, and our family doesn't "dress up" like that. He needed some proper black pants and dressier tops.

I made the pants from black canvas material. They're like the camo pants - no fussy details, but I did include belt loops. I haven't made him a belt for them yet.

He won't be wearing this t-shirt with the vests when I give them to my son, but I didn't have the white shirt made just yet.

The sweater vest is a simple and easy free pattern from Janet Longaphie.

It isn't seamless, but it only has two small side seams to be done. Furthermore, I tried the slip-stitch method of seaming these, and it's so much easier for me than the regular way.

The buttons at the shoulders make it easy to get on and off. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed these vests, from knitting them the whole way to the finished product. They work up quickly and look great. I was able to finish two in one day.

I haven't given these to my son yet. (I had to sneak Alex away for pictures while my son slept.) I plan to give them one at a time as they are needed. I'm pretty sure the red one is going to be saved for his Christmas outfit.

It would be so easy to duplicate-stitch a design onto these vests, too. I may give it a try sometime in the future. If I do, I'll be sure to share the results.


Shoregirl said...

I think Alex is the best dressed doll around! Great job on the vests!

Helen said...

How cute is that! I must give it a try. Love all your AG crafts.