Monday, July 15, 2013

Black Canvas Dress Shoes for Alex

Alex needed a pair of dress shoes, too. (His dress clothes are coming up in another post.)

I used Diane Morello's video tutorials for sneakers to make these shoes in black canvas. I love how they turned out!

I didn't have any of the items that she recommends for shoelaces, but I did find this black round "ribbon" in Michael's $1 ribbon bin. It's 100% nylon, so I was able to melt the ends with a match to make the hard part that pushes through the eyelets of the shoes.

Again, they're not perfect, but I love them. You can't beat the price, either. If you figure the cost of the materials based on how much this project used, I'm sure I have less than $1 in the pair. Even having to buy the eyelets (because I recently gave all of mine away) and a whole spool of ribbon, I spent less than $3 on these shoes.