Friday, July 26, 2013

Plastic Headbands for American Girl Dolls

Did you notice the headbands that Paige was wearing with her dresses in the last post? They are plastic, and they're cut down from real girl headbands I picked up at Dollar Tree. I got this pack of 3 all together for $1.

I can't take credit for this ingenius idea, but I knew other people would be interested in it, so I'm sharing the link to the TikiDoll blog where you can get the instructions. She made hers for Blythe, but the same size fits the American Girls beautifully.

See how pretty they are?

I didn't have the special tools that she used, but I made do with what I had. I kept the ends of the original headband held together with a rubber band while it was boiling. I used regular long-handled tongs to hold them in the water. (I held them on the part that I was going to cut off, in case it would mar the plastic.) I was able to use a pair of heavy-duty kitchen scissors to snip off the headbands at just the right spot. (Be sure to wear protective eyewear, just in case.) I didn't even need to file the ends of these.

One little tip: Even these thicker headbands came out a bit misshapen, but if you press them down gently right away, they'll go right to the shape you want.