Friday, July 5, 2013

Refashioning Stained Clothing into Doll Clothes

My daughter was recently riding her bike when she got her white play skirt caught in the bike chain. She brought it to me, hoping I could get the grease out of the bottom ruffle. There was no rescuing the skirt, though, so I set it aside to create something for her doll. I had some ideas.

First of all, I had to assess the damage. The arrows are pointing out the grease stains:

It wasn't that bad, all things considered. It was an excellent candidate for a refashion.

First of all, I cut the skirt in half at the side seams. Then I decided to make the doll a skirt by using one of the top unstained halves of the original skirt. You can see how I cut it to utilize the existing waistband.

All I had to do then was adjust the elastic that was already there, sew up the back seam, and narrow-hem the bottom. It took me all of ten minutes, from start to finish.

If I wanted to, the entire bottom ruffle is left for shorter skirts. I prefer not to make mini-skirts for the doll since we don't wear short skirts on our daughter, but at some point I may explore the possibilities of adding some lace to it.

Both of us love how it turned out!


Shoregirl said...

What a cute little skirt and I loved that you re-purposed something stained and otherwise useless.

jelly andrews said...

What a brilliant idea. It turns out really great. It is beautiful and easy. And it is like a mini version of your daughter’s stained skirt but minus the stain of course.