Monday, July 22, 2013

Refitting Alex's BAB Shirt

 Do you remember this Build-a-Bear shirt that we found for Alex at a thrift store? It fit him well enough to fill in while he didn't have many clothes, but as soon as I got a few more shirts made, I knew it was time to cut this down to his size.

And here is the finished shirt. Since this is a pullover shirt, I had to be careful to leave enough room to get it over his head. I took it in quite a bit on the sides (down into the sleeves) and at the neckline. I blended the neckline "tucks" by ending them at the stripe. They really aren't very noticeable.

This is a fairly easy process. You simply put the garment on the doll, pin it as close as you want it, then take it off and see how much you need to take it in and where. It gets a little tricky when the neck is as gaping as this one and the sleeves need to be adjusted, too, but it didn't take that much work; just a little extra thought.


Shoregirl said...

Great job -- it now looks like it was made just for him!