Friday, August 2, 2013

Easy and Inexpensive Doll Tights

I promised to tell you about the cute rosebud doll tights I showed you a peek at in the last post. Well, here they are. Do you want to know a secret? They came from knee socks.

 I originally found this idea on Peachy Tuesday's blog. You can go there for the full tutorial, but the basics are this:

You make them from one knee sock (so you can get two pair of tights from one pair of knee socks). They are a tight fit (which is why they're called tights), so a small child might get frustrated putting them on the doll. But they're so cute I just couldn't resist making, oh, about seven pair:

I might have made more, but these were the ones I thought had the most wardrobe potential at the dollar store.

If you look at the first picture, you may be able to see that the crotch is a bit lower than usual on these. I measured about 4" from the top, instead of 3". I probably should have made the legs a bit longer and short-changed the waist, but I didn't want them to fall off the doll. It would irritate me to no end to have to wear tights that fit like this, but these dolls don't complain, and nobody sees that the crotch is a bit lower than usual. You just can't beat the price!

Now I need to find another good project for the mates to these socks.


Shoregirl said...

I've seen those tutorials before and wondered how well it worked! Now I know!! Your tights turned out adorably cute!

jemilyea said...

I'm amazed at doll seamstresses's ingenuity. I can tell you've been having lots of fun this summer!