Thursday, August 8, 2013

More to Come ... Soon

I just wanted to drop you all a line, in case you wonder where I am and if I'm out of ideas or quit making things.

This is a busy month for me as we gear up for homeschooling again. I aim to start mid-month so we get a headstart and can take a few days off now and then as ministry demands (and my own sanity) require.

As a result, I don't have much time to take pictures and write up blog posts at the moment. I may be able to get out only one post a week, but rest assured that I have lots and lots of things to share with you when I can find the time to properly do so.

Honestly, I have three big doll-related projects that are almost ready to share and a few that are just waiting for me to remember to recharge my camera batteries - or remember to buy a spare set.

Just as a little hint/teaser ... When the latest AG catalog arrived in our house, my kids sat down with it and started drooling. It wasn't very long before I heard them complaining about the high cost of everything and how they could never afford this and that and the other thing that caught their eye.

As a mother and a teacher, I try not to let a teachable moment pass. I had my daughter write down everything she wanted from the catalog and told her I'd see what I could do about "making them happen". She knows me well enough to know that the clothes weren't going to be that much of a problem, but she's going to be thrilled with the accessories that I'm sure she never thought I could make. I wasn't so sure myself, until I did it. :)

As a side note, both of my kids thought the Bitty Twins' lemonade stand was cute. I was so proud of them when they showed me (later that same day) the lemonade stands they had made with things they had on hand. I think they're "getting it"!

Lastly, for those of you who have recently favorited my Etsy shop in hopes of my listing some doll clothes again, I aim to do just that as soon as I get the time. I have a lot of doll clothes sitting here that I had a blast making, but there's no way my kids' dolls can wear all of them.


Shoregirl said...

It's twice as rewarding getting what you want when you've made it yourself and saved $$! I've done it over and over with decorating, baking, sewing, etc. etc.
It's also great seeing your kids using their imagination to create something instead of whining about what they want/don't have.
BTW - happy homeschooling AND crafing!