Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recent Doll-Related Thrifty Finds

If you've been reading my blog for very long at all, you know that I love a good deal. You also know that I love thrift stores. In fact, it's what I would consider a family hobby. :) Let me share some of my recent doll-related finds with you.

This roomy pop-up doggy tent is in perfect condition for only $4. It doesn't smell like dog at all, and there was no dog hair on it or in it. It needed a good wipe-down (just to be safe), and then it was ready for play.

This tent is a good bit roomier than the doll versions I've seen sold in stores. You can see that it's the perfect height, too:

It's also much easier to set up. I haven't given this to the kids yet. I'm thinking about doing up a doll camping set for our vacation. I just need to make the sleeping bags.

See the doll? (Please excuse the fact that she's just in her underclothes.) She was another find for just $0.97. We didn't really need another doll, but I wanted the partial riding clothes that she was wearing:

Alex is already enjoying the clothes, and the doll is going to a friend's daughter after I make her some new clothes.

I got this apple garland for $2. There are tons of mini apples on it in two sizes.

The smaller ones (and the most plentiful in the garland) are a perfect fit for the dolls. We'll have plenty of regular apples for the doll kitchen and horse stable, and I'm thinking about candy apples, caramel apples, and possibly putting some aside for a future fruit stand playset (homemade, of course).

This doll dresser was originally a jewelry holder, but I'll be giving this to Alex on my son's birthday. (Paige got one on my daughter's birthday, which I'll share about here soon.) This was in great shape and very boyish-looking, which is pretty hard to come by in jewelry organizers. :) It was also a great price at $3.

Last, but not least, is this mini ironing board for $2.99. I'm pretty sure it's for ironing sleeves and such, but it's also the  perfect size to iron small details on doll dresses. I was very pleased to find it!

Have you found any great deals at thrift stores lately?


jemilyea said...

Thrifting posts--my favorite posts!

Shoregirl said...

I think your dolls must be the best outfitted and accessorized dolls in the USA! You have a gift for seeing potential in things I'd pass up as useless to me! I'm sure your kids enjoy their mommy's eye for fun add-ons to their doll collection!