Friday, November 1, 2013

Maxi Skirts for 18" Dolls

Look who has joined our family - Kit Kitteridge!! Yes, she's my doll. I consider her an investment in quality time with my children (and hopefully my future grandchildren). For some reason, Kit has always been the embodiment of the American Girl brand to me, and I wanted her in the worst kind of way. I got a fantastic deal on her from Ebay because I was willing to reattach her leg.

So she's my model for these great maxi skirts that are the easiest doll sewing project I've ever done. Seriously, these might take 15 minutes to make - from cutting to sewing the last seam. They're that easy.

I love the waistband. It's made of the same t-shirt knit fabric, so it stretches just enough without needing to create a casing and use elastic.

Instead of hemming these, I took advantage of the existing hem on the dollar store t-shirts that I cut them from. You wouldn't need to hem them anyway, since t-shirt knits don't ravel.

If you'd like to make a few of your own, you can find the free tutorial here on PA Country Crafts. If you read through the tutorial, you will want to note that I used the half-sized waistband so it doesn't fold over.

I was able to get two of these easily from one dollar store t-shirt, with some fabric leftover. I'd love to hear what you think if you try them.

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What great little skirts -- super great idea to use the existing hem!! Your dolls must be the best dressed ones in the nation by now!