Friday, December 13, 2013

Thrifted Doll Finds, Vacation Edition

While we were on vacation, we did a good bit of thrift store shopping. We enjoy it as a family, and we all have things that we look for. I generally look for doll-sized items, and I found some good ones this time.

I found this 6-pack of glittery doll-sized notebooks (from Target) brand-new in Goodwill's bins for $0.49. Two of them have already become Christmas countdown gifts, and I may save the rest for next schoolyear (for the dolls).

I've been looking for some doll-sized candlesticks, and I found three of them. The brass one was $0.10, and the wooden ones were $0.55 each. I found the menorah candles in the same shop as the wooden candlesticks ($0.55 for the box). The funny thing is that I found the brass one first and immediately thought of this kind of candle to go inside. I wasn't sure where I'd find them, but there were several boxes of brand-new ones at this thrift store. (I'll have to add a little play-doh to get them to fit inside the wooden candlesticks, but they're the perfect scale otherwise.)

One of my favorite semi-local Goodwill stores gets a lot of Dollar Spot items from Target, and they're only 10/$1. You have to dig through a massive bin, but I usually find a few treasures in there.

I got this tape measure for Alex. It will probably be a Christmas countdown gift this month. My son is going to love it!

This mini "Rubiks cube" was also in the bin and will likely be a countdown gift.

Lastly, I found this golf ball towel. (And men think we have some strange "tools of the trade"!) I seam-ripped down one side to remove the clip and open it up, and now we have a nice bath towel for our doll spa. I wish I could have found a few more of these!

Next up: dollar store finds from vacation. (Hint: I found a new-to-me store called Lucky Dollar, and it had some things I hadn't seen before.)


Shoregirl said...

Looks like you had a profitable trip! That mini towel is too cute!