Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Kaya's Teepee and Fire

Since my friend's granddaughters were also getting Kaya for Christmas, I decided to make a teepee for her. (I had already made the bedroll.) It's a big-ticket item that's pretty easy to make, if you've ever made a kid-sized teepee. In fact, that's what I based this on - a kids' teepee project. You can find a similar kids' project here, if you'd like to make your own.

Here you can see how I sized mine in proportion to the doll.

The tent flaps can stay closed, or you can fold them over to keep it open and reveal what's inside (the bedroll and fire - keep reading for this one).

I made it big enough for her to lay down comfortably ...

... tall enough for her to stand up inside (but not see out while standing) ...

... but she can see out while she's sitting.

I made this fire for inside the teepee using this tutorial (I used a CD blank for my base), being sure to leave a spot in the back where the tealight candle can be taken out to turn it on/off or replace it.

My project cost for the teepee was about $11.00, including tax. I used 1-3/4 yards of faux suede material that I got for $5.99/yard (40% off $9.99/yard).

I was quite pleased with the price!


Shoregirl said...

Great tepee and what a cute little campfire too!

Amaya said...

That is awesome!