Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fun Find: AG-sized Microscope

I found this AG-sized microscope set at Dollar General before Christmas. I doubt they have any left because they were clearancing these at the time (50% off), but keep your eyes out in case someone else comes out with one this size.

I wasn't completely sure it would be the right size, but it's pretty tiny for a real kid to use, so I took my chances. I was thrilled when it turned out to be the perfect size. A few people have commented that AG's version seems a bit on the small side for scale, so that's another bonus for this one.

$5 sure beats what AG wants for their set. (Their set includes a few other things, but this was the part of the set that my daughter especially liked and I had no idea how to make myself.)

Another great feature about this one is that kids can actually look through the microscope. You really can see the things on the slides that it came with, so it is functional to an extent. I wouldn't recommend it as anything but a toy for the dolls, though, since there's no light source, and it's awfully tricky to teach kids how to bounce the daylight (or indoor artificial light) off the mirror ... not to mention that it's really too small for real kids.


Amaya said...

That's so cute! I would like to find one of those, it looks like the perfect size.

Shoregirl said...

You have a knack for finding doll sized products!