Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Dolls' Easter Baskets

My kids enjoy involving the dolls in our celebrations, so I had a lot of fun making them mini Easter baskets this year.

The baskets themselves are dye cups from (I think) a Dudley's egg dye kit. Of course, they were unused (I use the dye for yarn). Paige got a new pair of shoes (from Wal-Mart), a hamster (an eraser from Michaels that was on clearance for $0.10), a "chocolate" lamb (made from oven-bake clay) that you can't see here, and a black knitted shrug that matches the one my daughter got in her Easter basket.

Did you notice that Paige has a beautiful new room? I'll share more about that once we have all the furniture painted.

Alex and Darren (the new boy that just joined our doll family) decided to go camping the night before, so his basket was delivered to their campsite. He received a new pair of shoes (from Wal-Mart), a hamster (eraser from Michaels), a "chocolate" lamb (oven-baked clay), and a mini deck of Uno cards that are in the back and aren't showing up very well.

I was especially thrilled to find the mini Uno games at Wal-Mart this year. They were in the Easter section, priced $1.99 for 4. I correctly assumed that they would sell out before Easter was over, so I picked up a pack as soon as I saw them. My kids love mini games for the dolls. (The other three games have already found homes with other doll-loving girls that we know.)

By the way, Darren is a hit with both of my kids. My son is thrilled that Alex has a friend to go camping with him now, and my daughter is thrilled that there's another boy on the scene to like another of the (doll) girls. The last I heard, Darren likes Kit. :)


Shoregirl said...

I'm sure your kids don't know how blessed they are to have such a creative mommy -- but it's true! I smiled when I read about the girls needing boys to like them!!