Monday, May 5, 2014

A Doll Sleepover in Paige's Room

Paige decided to have a sleepover in her newly-remodeled room (version one).

She invited her friends, Kit and the-blonde-haired-girl-that-rarely-talks-so-no-one-remembers-her-name (hereafter referred to as "Miss Blonde Hair"). :)

First, they played dominoes. Kit and Paige both won a few rounds. Then they decided to move on to another game ...

Connect Four! This was Kit's favorite game, and she was very good at it. She beat Paige every single time. At least Paige took it well!

What's a sleepover without food? Since they were aiming to stay up as late as possible, they were sure to load up on the sugar - cake, cake pops, and soda (except Miss Blonde Hair, who chose a bottled water).

I'm thinking an adult didn't choose this menu ...

But wait! When they finished their cake pops, Paige [notice that she's left-handed, just like her owner] remembered the ice cream she had bought to go with the cake slices. (Miss Blonde Hair preferred a popsicle, which Paige had bought just for her.)

After a long time and a sugar rush or two, it was time to crash. Kit borrowed Paige's Hello Kitty sleeping bag, and Miss Blonde Hair got the pull-out part of Paige's trundle bed. They tried sleeping with the lamp on, but it was just too bright.

Paige's clip-on bed lamp and the string lights were all the nightlight they needed. (I sure hope those girls can sleep with that light right in their eyes!)

Almost everything you see was handmade or a thrifting find. (Even the mini AGs. I got two of them for less than $10 from a fellow doll collector, and we found Rebecca at Salvation Army for $0.50, fully clothed!) If you want the particulars on anything, just ask. As for the room itself, we "built" it on top a small table in my daughter's room. My daughter is saving up to buy the materials for a real dollhouse, but we're making do with what we have until then.


Shoregirl said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Linda said...

Wonderful series of photos, adorable. Your blog background is beautiful, I love the vintage feel to it.