Monday, September 8, 2014

Knitting: Fiver Cabled Sweater, days 2-3

Day Two

I worked to where the sleeves split today. It ended up being 44 rows of cabling, ending on a Row 4.

At this point, I switch to back-and-forth knitting (instead of knitting in the round).

Day Three

I knit an additional 44 rows in pattern (ending on Row 4) to get to 15” for the total back length. Instead of binding off, I kept the stitches live so I can graft the shoulder seams and not have to pick up stitches again for the collar.

I started working on the front where I left off. I'll be knitting it until it measures 12-1/2” from the bottom.

This is how far I got before bed. It's going quickly!