Friday, September 12, 2014

Knitting: Fiver Cabled Sweater is done! On to Yuletide Yoke ...

I finished the Fiver Cables Sweater after about an hour's worth of knitting today. Since I've been weaving in the ends as I go, I was finished once I bound off (and wove that end in). I highly recommend weaving in the ends as you go!

I had the next sweater picked out, so I went ahead and started on it. It's another free pattern called Yuletide Yoke, published by Bernat. It's already seamless, so I don't have to convert anything. I love the color work on this one, and I have the same colors as the sample.

I had a bit of time to do mindless knitting, so the stockinette portions went fast. I managed to get to the arm joins on the body of the sweater ...

... as well as the cuff of the first sleeve.


Shoregirl said...

Congrats on one finished and another one well on it's way! You're definitely a speedy knitter!