Monday, October 20, 2014

Knitting: Diamond Beret for Charity

I made this for charity first to see if I liked how it looked on me.

 It was easy as can be, but it turned out HUGE. I’ll try it again on smaller needles and yarn.

The note on the pattern indicated that I would need to slip a stitch from the next round on the decrease rows, but I had enough stitches that I didn’t need to.

Instead of finishing off at 14 sts, I did what someone else recommended - I knit one row, then did skp on the next row before finishing off by pulling the yarn tail through the stitches.

If you'd like to try this free pattern, you can find a link to it on Ravelry: Diamond Cap by Meg Myers.


Shoregirl said...

It turned out lovely Christa!