Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitting: Purple "$5 in Paris" Sweater for Me

This is how far I've gotten since Monday on the third sweater from this pattern.

I'm working the sleeves at the same time because I'm running close on my main yarn color and don't want to have to buy seven more ounces of yarn if I only need a few yards. If I don't have enough to finish to the same sleeve length as my previous versions, I'll just end with ribbing in my contrast color. It will still be long enough for me and still be 3/4-length sleeves.

Did I mention that this sweater really doesn't look like much until you put it on? Really, it doesn't. The first time I knit it, I looked at it on the table and thought, "Mine isn't going to look as good on as the rest of the projects I've seen." Then I put it on and it really DID look as good as the other projects.

One thing I'm doing differently this time is weaving in the ends as I go. For each stripe, you cut the yarn. That's a lot of ends to weave in when you're done, and I prefer to do that work as I go along. For some reason, it's not nearly as annoying when you're only doing one or two ends at a time. It's downright tedious when you're doing 54 ends at a time.


Shoregirl said...

I'm with you on weaving in ends as you go -- it makes it so much simpler at the end!