Friday, December 19, 2014

A bed for our new toy poodle

We recently adopted a full-grown toy poodle from my sister. His name is Max, and he weighs in at 6-1/2 pounds. He's a little doll baby, let me tell you!

Before his arrival, I was trying to decide on a dog bed for him. Since it will be in our main living space, I wanted it to be cute. I browsed through some ideas on Pinterest and came across a picture of two puppies sleeping in small bunkbeds. I don't think that's very realistic (or safe), but it did give me an idea. I had a set of doll bunkbeds we had purchased for my daughter's dolls. They were very nice, but a little bigger than we had space for in her room. I checked, and the top bunk was the perfect size for a cute dog bed.

I just removed the slats from the bottom and inserted my own "mattress" - two old bed pillows placed inside a homemade fleece-blanket-pillowcase. There was a small gap between the bed frame and the mattress, so I just used some more fleece and made a cute pillow (like a real pillow you would lay your head on). There was even more of the fleece leftover, so I made it into a blanket for him to mess up to his heart's content.

This is a picture of him a few hours after we brought him home. No one had to tell him what it was or who it was for - he just knew.

Does he sleep in this all night? Well, no. He was used to being with at least one other dog all night, so it didn't work to keep him by himself at night. He wanted companionship. So he sleeps in my son's room at night. But he does nap on this bed a lot during the day.


Shoregirl said...

Adorable little bed and puppy! I'm sure the kids are having a lot of fun with him (and I KNOW you are!).