Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Knitting: FINALLY! A Beret for Me!

Yes, I finally managed to find (and knit) a winter hat that I like on myself. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, but they're as good as I could do with the lighting that I had to work with.

Since I liked the look of the last Nine Dwindling Cables hat from the front, I modified it to reduce the slouch by roughly 3" less.

I also worked it in black this time, since I really need the contrast by my face so that I don't look like death. :)

I'm going to line it with a satin sleep cap so that it doesn't frizz my hair when I wear it.

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have a winter hat that doesn't make me look goofy. I spent my childhood in dorky-looking hats simply because my mother wouldn't let me out of the house without one on. (I make my own kids wear a hat, too, so I completely understand!) From the time I had a say in what I wore, I simply haven't worn a winter hat. It's been 37 years coming, but it's finally here.

If you'd like to see my rather brief project notes on Ravelry, you can find them here.


Shoregirl said...

Glad you finally found something you like!!