Friday, January 23, 2015

Knitting: Layer Cake Loop Cowl for ME!

I've knit myself a few decorative-style cowls recently in an effort to keep my neck warmer this winter. Usually I would reserve cowls like this for wearing with my coat, but they do wonders to keep me warmer when I wear them with my regular clothes, so I picked some nice colors that would go with my wardrobe.

This pattern (a freebie) is called Layer Cake Loop, and it's one of my all-time favorites. The first picture is how it looks un-looped. You could wear it like this or pull it down to cover the tops of your arms, almost like a cape. Mine fits perfectly either way.

If your neck is especially cold, you can double it. (This is mostly how I've been wearing it.)

I used Michaels' brand of yarn called Impeccable. When they had it on sale recently for $1.74/skein, I picked up a bunch of it. I really like the yarn and appreciate that it comes in some nice, vibrant colors. Not every yarn line does.

Stay tuned for more cowl pictures in the future!


Shoregirl said...

You should stay toasty warm in your new knitted cowls! I've never worn one before - probably because I feel "smothered" with anything too tight around my neck!