Monday, June 1, 2015

Let me show you our "new" home!

I thought I'd introduce you to our travel trailer.

Here's what she looks like outside with the slide out:

This is a good, concise view of most of the inside, which I showed you in my last post:

That's the master bedroom you see at the end. There is a folding partition for privacy at night, but it unfolds in the daytime to make a LOT more visual space in the trailer. Little things can make a BIG difference!
Here are the bunks you can't see in that picture (because they're behind the camera):

These bunks are the same length as twin-sized beds, but 9" narrower in the width. Both of my kids are thin, so I don't anticipate this being a problem. There is another folding partition here, if we want to section it off from the living area at night or before the kids get up in the morning ... or just to extend the size of the bathroom area when no one is sleeping.

As you come in the door, the couch is right in front of you. The upholstery doesn't look like anything special in the pictures, but it is in brand-new condition, so I'm not planning to re-upholster anytime soon.

The seat part flips up to store things underneath. Those throw pillows are gone.
Next to the couch is the built-in dinette. These are both part of the super slide.

There is storage space under each of the booth seats, too.

The kitchen area is on the other side of the trailer by the couch and dinette.

For a travel trailer this size, the kitchen area is impressive!
 In the back of the travel trailer, there are the bunks (already shown) and a small but serviceable bathroom:

The shower is about half as long as a traditional shower, but we're not large people so it shouldn't be an issue.
No, that's not my husband in the mirror. These pictures were taken by the people who were selling it. :)
Not shown: a wardrobe closet next to the refrigerator/freezer. We were really excited about that since we will have to have our dressy clothes as well as our casual clothes.

I hope you've enjoyed a little peek at our new home!


Nicki said...

Two years ago this past January we were in the market for another camper (friends were staying in our pull camper and it caught on fire). My husband, looking into the future said, "You know we might get called to the evangelistic field some day, so we should get one that we could use for that purpose." So after looking around we settled on a 37 (I think) foot fifth wheel with one bed. The reasoning was we had two boys, 18 and 16. The 18 was already out of school and a few more years we could see ourselves as empty nesters. As we know God has a humor, 2 months later we found out we were expecting a baby. I don't ever see ourselves in the full time evangelistic field, although my husband has preached revivals and 1 camp, but we would have to do some remodeling to make another bed, as I don't think I'd want to put the couch in and out every day.