Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Changes to My Bullet Journal

I know I said that I preferred to do my bullet journal loose-leaf, but I decided to try a composition notebook just to see how it would go for me.

It has been a week or two, and I actually like it. For one thing, the pages are bigger, so I can record more details. I modified it just a bit by putting all my list/collection pages in the back (starting at the last page and working forward) and all of my dated pages in the front. When they meet, it's time for a new notebook.

I found this graph-lined composition notebook at Wal-Mart for $1.

To get the most mileage out of my index pages, I divided them in half and listed the lists/collections separate from the dated pages. I left 3 full pages for the index, since there are 200 pages in this book.

My current monthly layout looks like this:

I was away for the first few days of the month, so my habit tracker isn't quite up to date.

This is one of the weekly layouts that I tried and liked:

And I experimented with several daily layouts. This is one that I liked:

(The stickies are from Dollar Tree.)

I've found myself journaling more about my days and thoughts now, so that's a good thing.

There are a few special pages sprinkled in my dated pages. One of these is a weekly "brain dump". My mind goes a hundred miles an hour sometimes, and this is very helpful to get everything out on paper so I can prioritize.

And here is one of my collection pages from the back of my notebook:

I add to this list as I run across quotes that I like. I'll end up using some in my bullet journal, but probably not all of them.

I've been enjoying adding a little color to my journal with pens and washi tape, but I'm no artist. As such, my journal will probably never be a work of art. That's fine, though, since that's not why I'm keeping one.

I hope you enjoy these peeks into my bullet journal, and I hope they inspire you to create your own customized planner that's perfect for you. It makes me feel so much less stressed, knowing that I have everything written down, and I love that I can customize it to my own unique needs.

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