Monday, November 27, 2017

November Bullet Journal Layout

I know it's late in the month, but I thought I'd share my November bullet journal layout with you.

I'm a "cozy minimalist" (a term I found on Pinterest that fits me quite well) when it comes to bullet journaling. If I were any good at drawing and lettering, I could easily see myself doing a lot of decoration as a creative outlet. But I'm no good at drawing and only working on the basics of lettering. So, for now, I'm a minimalist.

Washi tape gives me some artistic flavor without any effort on my part. It also helps me to create a pleasing color scheme for the month.

I found this washi tape on Ebay. I'm pretty sure it took more than a month to get here from China, but I knew it would be awhile when I ordered it. The important thing is that it came in time for me to use it for the month I wanted to use it for. I was so impressed with this roll that I bought several more (different designs) from this same seller and can't wait for it to arrive.

I think there were 7 meters on the roll for right around $1, give or take ten cents (and with free shipping). I'm not only a minimalist, but a cheapskate as well, so that's the price point and length I look for when I'm buying washi tape.

I used some of my Artist Loft brush markers (store brand of Tombows) and some felt tip pens that I really like from Dollar Tree (also available at Dollar General in a multi-color pack).

I mainly used the smaller end of the brush markers for this month, although I did use the brush end of the sage green color to act as a highlighter on my mini monthly calendars in each weekly layout.

I hope Dollar Tree continues to carry these felt tip pens because I tend to go through about one a month, regardless of whether I'm buying the Staedtler Fineliners or these much cheaper ones from Dollar Tree (3/pack). I also like the slightly wider point on these (0.5 mm compared to 0.3 mm on Fineliners).

As for the layout, I'm sure I was inspired by Pinterest and Instagram. I tend to pick one thing I like from one layout, one or two things from another, and mesh them into something that works for me. And I have a really bad memory. So if you inspired me, thanks so much! I wish I could remember who to credit. If you'd see the size of my Pinterest bullet journal boards, you'd understand!

I'll be making a few changes in December, but I'm still in the pre-planning process for December pages right now. I'll share when I have the changes finalized.

I love the ability to tweak my layouts each month (or week, if I want to) to something that better suits my lifestyle at the moment.